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Therapy Services

Clinical Approach

Our therapy services utilize a whole-person approach to relieve human suffering, foster wellbeing, and enable thriving in the way we live, love, parent, and lead.

We work primarily from the cognitive behavioral family of therapies, which includes the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy model, and also integrate mind body health, trauma-informed psychotherapy, and positive psychology.

Each step of our therapeutic process is collaborative and tailored to your unique situation, starting with a thorough assessment of your history, values and goals, and present-day barriers and continues on to cultivate the human connection, awareness, healing, and psychological skills at the heart of bringing the best of yourself forward and making meaningful, lasting changes in your life.

Clinical Specialties: We work with adults experiencing a wide range of emotional and behavioral struggles.

Anxiety and Mood Disorders
  • Generalized anxiety
  • Perfectionism
  • Panic disorder
  • Major depressive disorder
Health Psychology
  • Chronic disease
  • Terminal illness
  • Caregiver and family
  • Smoking cessation
  • Couples
  • Parents
  • Divorce
  • Stress and Burnout
  • Disengagement or Stagnation
  • Lack of purpose and meaning
Additional Specialties
  • Poor self-worth
  • Tough transitions
  • Women in the "juggle struggle" of managing their personal and professional lives who want to decrease stress, overwhelm, and burnout.
Clinical Interventions
  • Emotional Agility, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, and Forgiveness Training
  • Meditation and Guided Imagery
  • Integrative Medicine, Mind Body Health, Clinical Trial, and Medical Hypnosis

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Beyond diagnosing and treating emotional and behavioral disorders, our practitioners are coaches who enable people to adapt to stresses and setbacks, align their actions with their core values, and bring the best of themselves forward to pursue their loftiest ambitions and achieve their big, long-term goals.

Our coaching sheds light on old patterns of thinking and behaving – those habits of mind and body – that can prevent you from flourishing while enabling you to make small but powerful changes in your mindsets and behaviors that enhance your ability to enjoy your relationships, achieve your most important goals, and reach your full potential.


Coaching Specialties

Health Coaching - Dr. Gauthier Mullady's expertise as a licensed Clinical Health Psychologist allows her to work collaboratively with individuals to reach their health goals (be it weight loss, smoking cessation, etc.) Using the theories of cognitive therapy, she will work with an individual to set realistic and attainable goals.

Cancer Coaching - Being diagnosed with cancer often results in increased emotional distress and uncertainty in life. Dr. Gauthier Mullady will provide guidance and "coach" you along the path of your cancer journey.  As a professional in health psychology and behavioral medicine and more than 10 years as the director of the Cancer Integrative Medicine Program and Psychosocial Oncology at Rush University Medical Center, she works collaboratively with patients to fully understand their cancer treatment and the scientific evidence for incorporating integrative medicine modalities in their health care.  

Emotional Agility Coaching -  As humans, we are all prone to common hooks – things like self-doubt, shame, sadness, fear, or anger – that can too easily steer us in the wrong direction. The way we respond to these internal experiences drives our actions, careers, relationships, happiness, health – everything that matters in our lives.

Emotional agility is a revolutionary, science-based set of skills that allow us to unhook ourselves from our self-defeating thoughts and emotions so that we can take actions that align with our core values and long-term goals. The better we get at unhooking, the better able we are to effectively navigate stresses and setbacks and make big things happen in our lives. Whoever you are and whatever you face in your life, relationships, or work, emotional agility coaching will cultivate the tools you need to avoid emotional ruts, let go of old stories, and adjust your daily actions so they can move you where you truly want to go.

Conscious Parenting Coaching - Do you often wonder why this role of parenting seems to bring out the worst in us? Do you feel stuck in repetitive, unproductive patterns with your child and want to create a deeper sense of connection, trust, respect, and communication with them? When we feel we repeat the same patterns of behavior despite our best intentions, it can be discouraging.

Conscious parenting coaching is for parents who want to go straight to the heart of problems they share with their children and restore a sense of deep connection and joy in their relationship with them. The process moves beyond clever strategies aimed at fixing a specific behavior to the deeper aspects of the relationship that are at the root of raising empowered, resilient, happy children.

By facing and resolving issues that stem from the way they were parented, conscious parenting coaching embarks with parents on the self-examination that’s required to become an effective parent, heed the true needs of their own child, and raise them to live an authentic, aware, and fulfilled life.

If you’d like to learn more about how Life Reset Solutions coaching services can help you reach your full potential, please CONTACT US to schedule a free, 15-minute consultation call today.


Corporate Emotional Agility Workshop

The way we engage with our emotions shapes everything – our well-being, our relationships, our careers, our leadership, our organizations, and our culture. Emotional agility is revolutionary, science-based set of skills that allow us to move past difficult thoughts and emotions in order to flexibly and effectively respond to our fast-changing, complex world. Thinkers50 recognized the Emotional Agility framework with its coveted Breakthrough Idea Award, noting, “Emotional Agility is the new currency for leading effectively” and The World Economic Forum calls Emotional Agility a “key skill for the future.”

For leaders who want to cultivate more agile, healthy, resilient, and authentically happy teams, this workshop cultivates the skills of emotional agility and inspires audiences to think, feel, and act differently with deeply impactful and positive outcomes for themselves, their colleagues, and their organizations.

This workshop is for leaders and teams who want to:
  • Boost wellbeing
  • Decrease stress and burnout
  • Increase accountability and learning
  • Cultivate resilience in the face of stresses, setbacks, and change
  • Live or virtual
  • Three-hour or six-hour formats available

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