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Janine, Clinical Psychologist in Glenview, IL

Janine Gauthier Mullady

I am a Licensed Clinical Health Psychologist. My training is as a Cognitive therapist, but the therapeutic relationship, in my experience, works best when a true, collaborative relationship is formed. My focus when working clinically with individuals is helping them achieve their goals and attain their healthiest selves (physically, emotionally, and spiritually).

Along with counseling individuals, couples, and families, I coach leaders and front-line staff in healthcare systems to help organizations and their people achieve their goals.

I served as the Director of the Cancer Integrative Medicine Program and Psychosocial Oncology at Rush University Medical Center for more than 10 years. Primarily, I worked with oncology patients either when they were undergoing treatment or in the post-treatment survivorship period. Additionally, I worked with their family members who may be experiencing increased stress from having a loved one with a life-limiting illness. My work focused on decreasing the emotional distress of having a life-threatening illness as well as providing the strategies to be as healthy as possible. My approach is to work as an emotional coach and help them to fill their emotional toolbox, guiding them as they proceed on their cancer journey.

Clinically, my work with individuals incorporates a number of modalities that I tailor to meet the psychological needs and goals of each individual with whom I work. These modalities include relaxation therapy, guided imagery, hypnosis, and mindfulness training.


I completed my Ph.D. in Clinical Health Psychology from the University of North Texas. Following a Cancer Prevention and Control Fellowship at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, where my research involvement included working on a stress management project for breast cancer patients, I completed a clinical fellowship at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. My interests have been in the quality of life, spirituality and health, integrative medicine, and integrative oncology.


I have presented to several organizations, including the Lymphoma Research Foundation, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society on Integrative Medicine in Oncology, and Empowering the Caregiver. Additionally, I have provided presentations on Stress Management, Resilience, and Coping with a chronic illness. I enjoy the opportunity to educate the importance of caring for our mind, body, and spirit.

My goal is to focus on increasing resilience and assisting individuals to engage in more mindful behaviors with the goal of having an increased capacity to manage their stress more adaptively. My favorite quote is, “it is not how the winds blow but how you set your sail.” I would be honored to help you learn how to set your sail to get through the often rough waters of life.

Jennifer Ernst

Jennifer Ernst

Hi, I’m Jennifer! I’m a therapist, coach, and mother who is bringing more courage, connection, and meaning to our lives, relationships, and work.

I specialize in Acceptance and Commitment Therapies for the treatment of anxiety, depression, stress, and burnout. I am also a Conscious Parenting Coach and Emotion Focused Couple Therapist who helps parents and couples cultivate a deeper sense of trust, respect, kindness, and connection in their relationships.

My philosophy extends beyond diagnostic labels and psychopathology to a deep respect for the whole person and understanding of what has happened to us in the past shapes who we are, how we behave, and why we do the things we do. My aim is to allow each of us to understand our past so that we may clear a path to our future – moving from awareness to action and opening the door to resilience, a renewed sense of personal self-worth, and healing that recalibrates our response to circumstances, situations, and relationships – the key to reshaping our very lives.

Whatever your struggles, challenges, or disappointments: from an erosion in the quality of your relationships, family life, and career to self-doubt, burnout, and the stressors of daily life, the work we can do will help you get unstuck and move toward where you truly want to go.

I earned my Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Illinois and received my Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy from Adler University in 2011. I live in Highland Park, IL with my husband Keith. We have one son, Avery, and dog Mya.

What I Believe

The way we engage with our emotions drives our actions, careers, relationships, happiness, and health – everything that matters in our lives.

When we learn to work with – not against – our own emotions, anything is possible.

Healing old wounds is the heart of living fully, loving deeply, parenting effectively, and leading courageously.

Everyone can heal when they feel seen, known, valued, and validated for who they are.

With emotional courage, self-awareness, and compassion, we can make big things happen in our lives.

What I Offer

Virtual & In-Person Therapy


  • Anxiety
  • Depression


  • Stress and burnout
  • Disengagement or stagnation
  • Lack of purpose and meaning


  • New moms struggling with feelings of fear, anger, sadness, guilt, anxiety, loneliness, and self-doubt
  • Moms and dads who had a difficult childhood and don't want to re-create the same negative interactions with their own children


  • Couples who want to enrich a relationship, revitalize a tired one, or rescue one gone awry

Virtual & In-Person Coaching

Conscious Parenting Coaching

  • For moms and dads who feel stuck in repetitive, unproductive patterns with their children and want to create a deeper sense of connection, trust, respect, and communication with them

Emotional Agility Coaching

  • For women in the “juggle-struggle” of managing their personal and professional lives who want to decrease stress and burnout, let go of perfectionism and people-pleasing, and align their work and life with their deepest values and aspirations